Opportunities at Cascade Ambulance

Thank you for your interest in employment with Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc. Our headquarters are in Ferndale, WA. We provide a high level of ambulance service throughout Northwest Washington and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. We provide a broad range of services including Emergency, Non-Emergency, and Interfacility Medical Transportation Services.

How to apply for employment



Meet the Qualifications

All employees of Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc. are team players, with a strong commitment to achieving the company’s mission of providing quality patient care and excellent customer service.


Fill out application form

Please complete the printable PDF application and feel free to submit your resume after completing the application.

Please print pages one and two, complete the forms, and submit to our office either by mail, e-mail, FAX, or deliver to our office in Ferndale, WA.


Include your resume

If you have a resume you would like to include, please submit the resume via email, fax, or can be dropped off at our location in Ferndale. 

Qualifications for Employment at Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc.

All employees of Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc. are team-players with a strong commitment to achieving the company’s mission. Potential employees must be currently certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) preferably with a Washington State Certification. We are also an equal opportunity employer and encourage veteran applicants.

Criteria for successful applicants for each position:

Crew Member

Successful applicants for our Cascade Ambulance Crew Member positions ~ including EMT ~ must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be able to fluently read, write, speak, and understand English
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED
  • Possess a valid, unrestricted Washington driver’s license
  • Be in good health and free of alcohol or drug influence
  • Proof of current COVID vaccination status

Cascade Ambulance is a tobacco-free and drug-free workplace. The use of certain prescription and non-prescription medications will render the applicant ineligible for employment; applicants should direct any questions regarding medications to a supervisor.

In addition, those hired must be legally eligible for employment in the United States, and must not have any felony convictions nor convictions for offenses related to custody of incapacitated persons, custody of narcotics or controlled substances, or unsafe driving. All successful applicants will pass a law enforcement background check, including fingerprinting.

Information regarding further requirements for the positions of EMT, EMT-Paramedic or Registered Nurse may be found on the Opportunities page of this site. If you have questions regarding any of our Cascade Ambulance Crew Member positions, please call our office 360-380-3144.

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EMT Requirements

In addition to minimum outlined in the qualifications section for Ambulance Crew member, EMT’s must possess a current Washington EMT-B certification, an i-Gel Supraglottic Airway endorsement, current AHA Healthcare Provider card, trauma training, and be current with their CME. EMT’s are required to provide a current COVID vaccination status. The company can assist you with reciprocity sponsorship for out-of-state EMT certifications.

The position of EMT involves the provision of emergency medical care to patients, the written documentation of such care, and making clear verbal reports to other members of the patient’s healthcare team. All prospective employees will be required to safely carry an ambulance stretcher on stairs with a 200-lb load, as well as safely move, lift, load and unload the patient.

As with any of our Ambulance Crew Member positions, EMT’s may be exposed to physical hazards including heavy lifting or even physical violence, as well as to infectious diseases while performing job duties. Emotional stress related to sick, injured, and dying patients is an inherent hazard of this job.

This job involves operating a motor vehicle for up to 24 hours or move at a time, often at night or during inclement weather. EMT’s must have a clean driving history, with no more than two violations in the past three years, or one in the past twelve months. Any violations involving drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, license suspension, negligent driving, etc. will render the applicant unemployable. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a driving history abstract. If in doubt about their driving record, applicants should contact the company. Applicants must have a current emergency vehicle operating endorsement (EVAP/EVOC or other).

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Ambulance Services

We provide the full range of both Emergency and Non-Emergency ambulance transportation services. These may include trips to and from local hospitals for injury and illness, discharges to skilled nursing facilities, transfers to other hospitals and specialized  facilities, or appointments at physicians offices. Long distance or unique transports can be arranged with ease.

Ambulance Service

We provide both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation.

Special Event Coverage

Providing standby medical crews for motor speedway racing and other athletic events.

Specialized Transportation

We go beyond curb-to-curb service — assisting clients from bed to wheel chair, to and from locations.

We are looking to fill immediate part-time and full time job positions. 👉Apply today! 🚑