Providing Excellence in

Exceptional Medical Transportation

"A Vital Part of Our Community" Since 1993

Our Services

Ambulance Service

We provide the full-range of both emergency and non-emergency ambulance response and transportation.

Special Event Coverage

Providing standby ambulance and medical crew coverage for motor speedway racing, sporting or athletic events, industrial and disaster standy, and movie or commercial production set standby services.

Specialized Transportation

We go beyond curb-to-curb service — assisting clients from bed to wheel chair, to and from locations.

Our goal is to help you in your time of need

High professional standards

Short response times

Compassionate care

Minimizing uncomfortable situations

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Locally owned since 1993

Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc.

In 1992, a group of Whatcom County residents saw the need for an ambulance service that would augment, as well as provide an alternative to, the service provided by the fire department. This service provides the highest levels of patient care available, with the utmost compassion and concern for the consumer and their families.

Since our inception in 1993 we have indeed become
“A Vital Part of Our Community”

~ Proud to be a Local Family-Owned Provider to Our Communities Since 1993 ~

American Ambulance Association
American Ambulance Association
Washington Ambulance Association

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